Thursday, 3 March 2016

Fetty Wap's Eye - What Really Happened That Caused Him To Lose It


Everyone knows Fetty Wap who has big hit songs such as "Trap Queen" and "Come My Way". But many people are asking what happened to Fetty Wap's eye? The rapper is missing his left eye.

There were a lot of rumors out there and people speculating on what happened to Fetty Wap's eye, until he met up with TMZ to clear up the rumors about how he lost his eye. That's when he told the true story on what happened.

Fetty Wap Eye Glaucoma

How Did Fetty Wap Lose His Eye?

According to Fetty, when he was a child, he developed glaucoma in both eyes. He revealed doctors were unable to save his left eye, but he was lucky to still have his vision due to his right eye being saved.

Fetty Wap even brought his mother onto the camera to confirm his story. She said her son was 6 months old when he lost his eye, and he was actually born with the glaucoma that caused him to lose the eye 6 months later.

Fetty Wap Eye Left

Fetty went on to say that he got reconstructive surgery when he was 12 years old, but stopped wearing the ocular prosthesis because he wanted to look different to everybody else.

On The Rumors

Fetty Wap made it known that he didn't get shot or hit by fire crackers, which are some of the rumors that were going around. He also pointed out that his face and around his eyes look fine, so it could not have been an external object or force that affected his eye.

Fetty Wap Eye One

Fetty Wap Eye What Happened

When asked if he has a medicinal marijuana card because of his glaucoma, Fetty Wap said he has one for California but doesn't have one from New Jersey where he is from. "You have to be half dead to get one in New Jersey" he said.

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