Monday, 18 August 2014

Study Shows Video Games Are Good For A Hard Day's Work Recovery

Video Games 1
Study shows Video games help with work recovery
Video games can be a very useful means of recovering from a hard day's work. This has been shown by a study by researchers at a University in London. The British researchers note that proper recovery after a day's work is an important part of a healthy professional career.

The research showed that workers who were video gamers were found to recover faster than their peers. In addition, the video gamers would also suffer less from interferences between work and family. Also revealed is that the level of online support has a significant impact on the recovery.

"Video Games were once labeled as the exclusive domain of teenagers, but speaking of large swaths of the population," says researcher Emily Collins, professor of psychology at University College london. "About one in four British adults report at least once a week to this digital games to get relief. "

Video Games 2
Video games shown to have significant impact on recovery
"Nevertheless, videogames are rarely shown in a positive way in the news. The industry is mainly associated with a wide range of negative effects, ranging from loss of concentration to stimulating violent and hostile behavior. At their best, video games are simply a waste of time without any added value to the gamer."

"The research shows that digital games not only have a positive impact on the individual, but also can add value to a person's professional career," emphasizes Emily Collins. "The recovery after the day's work is the basis for a good day's work the following day," added Emily Collins.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Samsung Replaces Girls Burned Galaxy S4 Phone

Burned Galaxy S4

After a 13-year-old girl's Samsung Galaxy S4 was completely burned while charging .one night under her pillow, Samsung giving her a new one as a replacement.

A Samsung representative told FOX that the battery in the Galaxy phone was an aftermarket replacement, which could have been part of the problem. The other issue, according to Samsung, was that the phone was being smothered by a pillow, restricting airflow while charging. This is something the manufacturer warns against in the device’s instruction materials.

13 Year Old Samsung Galaxy S4 Owner

Despite the misuse by the young owner, Samsung told FOX and Yahoo Tech that the company will replace the phone, the pillow, and the mattress involved in the accident.

New Samsung Galaxy S4

The representative said “Samsung takes product quality and customer safety very seriously,” We have offered the customer a new device, and we are working to retrieve the product so that we can investigate what happened. We strongly advise all customers follow the guidelines of CTIA for care and handling wireless batteries. Additionally, our user manuals warn customers that phones must have adequate ventilation and airflow and should not be covered with material such as bedding.”

Young Girl’s Samsung Galaxy S4 Burns Under Her Pillow

A 13-year-old North Texas girl awoke to find her Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone almost burned to ashes while it was being charged under her pillow during the night. The girl decided to plug in her phone to charge before going to sleep, only to be awoken by the smell of something burning hours later.

When she got up and searched around to find the source of the burning smell, she realized that her Galaxy S4 was charging under her pillow. When she removed the pillow and looked under, the phone was fried beyond recognition and the backside of the pillow was scorched by the burning phone.

The girls father told FOX 4 that they were left a bit surprised. He said that he suspects that the phone overheated, causing the battery to swell and start a fire.